Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cop Pulls a Gun in a Snowball Fight

The video is not of the incident but of the cop admitting to it. No one was shot, it was apparently just brandished after the cop was hit with a snowball. The officer was plain clothed and it is unclear if the snowball thrower new the person was a cop or even if it was intentional. No shots were fired.

Video embedded below.

"A plainclothes police detective allegedly pulled his gun out and waved it at a large group of people in a snowball fight at the corner of 14th and U Saturday afternoon.

The incident began when a plain-clothes detective approached the crowd of people throwing snowballs and got into a verbal altercation with members of the crowd, according to police.

A uniformed officer responded to the scene after getting calls about a man with a gun. The uniformed officer pulled out his weapon as he approached the plain-clothes detective. As soon as the detective identified himself the uniformed officer put his gun back in the holster, police said.

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