Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Google Highlights The Iranian Revolution Struggle

Google is highlighting the current flare up of the Iranian Revolution (GR88) protesters.

Video embedded below.

http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/ordinary-citizens-extraordinary-videos.html (and and)

"The images are grainy, often jerky and hard to follow (like most footage shot using hand-held cameras and cellphones), but the message is unmistakable: in the months since the disputed Iranian presidential election in June, the people of Iran have become fluent in the new language of citizen video reporting. What might have seemed an isolated moment immediately following the election, when we watched videos of Iranians marching, battling and even dying on the streets of Tehran, appears to have become an essential part of their struggle.

At YouTube, we have been watching week after week as new videos have appeared on the site within hours of every single protest or similar event reported from Iran in the past six months. Thousands of uploads have brought the fear and tension of these protests to YouTube, inviting millions of views around the world. It is as if the revolts that are taking place could not do so outside the eye of the camera.

Unlike traditional news footage from foreign correspondents (currently prohibited in Iran), these videos are the voice of the people — unfiltered, unedited and with a single, sometimes disturbing point of view. No professional film could capture the one-to-one feeling of watching an ordinary citizen's images of unrest in his or her own country.


  1. I am just shocked that Google is promoting this video and even giving its link to all subscribers in the latest Google blog post.
    Google is supposed to be against violence and tons of videos were deleted due to violence less than this.
    I am from Egypt and not supporting Iran, however I see this video as a complete US government dominance over Google !

  2. Here is your wishful thinking and attempts to impose your whims on Iran crushed by the power of the people:


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