Friday, December 25, 2009

Senate Passes 'ReidCare' 60-39

The Senate has passes 'ReidCare' on a strict party line vote of 60-39. This outcome was not in any doubt after the Democrats mustered 60 to end the debate. There are a few more hurdles the Democrats will have to overcome before a health care overhaul becomes law.

"First, the House has to either consider adopting the Senate bill in toto or responding with another version of their own bill that passed a few weeks ago.  Even the White House doesn't consider the first option realistic, which is why they're resetting expectations about getting a unified bill out of Congress to February and doing the "hard pivot" to jobs and the economy instead.
This goes back to the House, and then likely back again to the Senate, and perhaps even a stop in a conference committee if Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid can't avoid it.  Meanwhile, the appraisal by voters of this effort will continue to get worse and worse, and this will continue to be an albatross around the neck of Democrats in 2010."

And this little gem that Ace helps make sure does not fall through the cracks.

"Isn't It Supposed to Work the Other Way 'Round? progressoverpeace seizes on this telling quote by Schumer:

I believe that the negativity that Leader McConnell and others have continually displayed on the floor has peaked, and now when people learn what's actually in the bill—and all the good it does—it is going to become more and more popular...

Isn't the citizenry supposed to be afforded a fair chance to "learn what's actually in the bill" before their alleged representatives vote it into operation? And -- let's face it, we are not just talking about citizens "learning what's actually in the bill." We are talking about Senators, including Schumer, finally taking the time to learn themselves what oddball provisions have been put into this crazy-quilt patchwork of bribes and sell-outs and taxes and death panels.

They cobbled this thing together with no game plan, and they did so in a furious rush. Something like 2700 pages and it's never actually been read, merely written at 1 a.m. by legislative staffers with no actual goal in mind except to get this one Senator on board this minute, and now this other Senator the next."

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