Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Presidential Debate #2 Quick Thoughts -> Romney Wins by a Thin Margin

Obama showed up this time, but Romney was there as well. The three minutes Romney spent listing Obama's failures is an instant commercial. The Benghazi exchange makes me a little nervous for Romney for the next debate. It is not that Romney did poorly, but he should have had a much stronger answer prepped.

It was a pretty even exchange, but even with Obama getting more time, and the apparent support of the moderator at times, I think Romney had a slight edge.

To be clear; Obama's answer on Benghazi was not that strong either, even with the assist from the moderator who seemed to over step her bounds with that boost and appears to have been wrong to boot. Romney missed a huge opening that he should have rehearsed and had down pat. A very simple; 'Mr. President, when did you know that it was more likely then not that the attack was a deliberate terrorist action and not a spontaneous protest' would have been devastating. Either he admits he knew before sending Susan Rice on the talk circuit (meaning she was sent to intentionally deceive the American people), or he admits it was not until after his UN speech (meaning he looks incompetent given the 'self evident' comment). Simple, strait forward, and devastating. Huge missed opportunity.

I was also surprised that Obama did not have a better answer, though that could very well be because there really is no good answer for him. Hopefully Romney will be more prepared to hammer on this point in the next debate which is exclusively on foreign policy.

Still, I give Romney a slight edge in the debate.

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