Monday, October 22, 2012

Presidential Debate #3 Quick Thoughts -> Romney Wins by a Small Margin

I believe Romney won by a slightly better margin than he did in the second debate, but it was still pretty close. Romney did what he had to, show that he could be President. Obama tried to blunt that, but ultimately failed.

I like the back and forth sniping at debates, and there were a few nice shots in both directions at this one, but Obama spent to much time attacking Romney which made it look like he had no good answers himself.

As for the moderator, Bob Schieffer did a pretty good job. There was one point where he prevented Romney from responding to a slew of attacks from Obama pivoting instead to the next question, and given that Obama apparently had more time then Romney overall he could have had that opportunity to respond, but besides those few small gripes the fact that there is not much else to say about the job Schieffer did to me means he did a good job. I think it is also worth noting that while Obama did have more time then Romney, this debate apparently had the most even split of all the debates (including the VP debate).

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