Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama Spokesman - Says 'of course he’s ultimately responsible for security in Benghazi' while Obama Remains Silent

Eh, a bit late here. It looks like Hillary beat him to the punch and he is stuck playing catch up to try and head off a Republican line of attack. It feels off; more placating people then something he actually believes.

Videos embedded below.

"Via the Examiner, I told you Team O would be all about blame-taking today now that Hillary went ahead and did the heavy lifting. Watch Jen Psaki’s interview with an appropriately skeptical Shep Smith below. She mentions Clinton’s responsibility up front and then State’s responsibility again later in the span of a minute, just to make sure you understand that O’s taking only symbolic blame here, not actual blame. Aren’t you impressed with what a loyal, stand-up, take-charge leader he is, hiding under his desk for five weeks until he and Hillary finally decided it was time for some “buck stops here” theater? You’re a regular Harry Truman, champ."

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