Friday, October 5, 2012

Charles M. Blow (NYT) - 'Obama Lost The Debate on Purpose to Lure Romney Into a Trap'

Sure he did. I think somewhere between first and second grade the 'I let you win excuse' stopped fooling the handful of people that fell for it in the first place.

Throw the match then have David Axelrod Explicitly Asks Press To Make The Case Against Romney That Obama Can't.

Swing and a miss...

"Charles M. Blow: Maybe Obama Has Devised An Elaborate Trap...
He writes for the NYT, or perhaps "types" is more accurate. He likes to bait conservatives and say things like we don't know how to get our hump on and stuff.

I know this is trivial, but this is, well, just... You decide.

Some people suggest that Obama is luring Romney like the Russians lured Napoleon, getting him in too deep and out of his element. Maybe...

That's so sad.

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