Saturday, October 13, 2012

All 85 of Biden Interruptions at The VP Debate

It should say something that it takes almost eight minutes to show all of the interruptions from a 90 minute debate, of which Ryan spoke for less then half that time (and less then Biden). Raddatz, the moderator, also interrupted Ryan 31 times. That is almost 3 interruptions for every minute Ryan spoke.

Video embedded below.

"Raddatz followed the Biden lead though – interrupting the debaters 50 times. She leaned heavily on Ryan, interrupting him 31 times, 12 more than the 19 times she cut off Biden. She also took a liberal tone onabortion and let Biden control the debate tone by never shutting up. He led Ryan on time by 1 minute 20 seconds, 41:32 to 40:12, but it was doubtful thatt he debate clock could track every Bidenism. CNN’s Anderson Cooper said Biden managed to “continually inject himself” into Ryan’s comments. Cooper, too, was living in the land of understatement."

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