Sunday, January 9, 2011

Your Tweets Reveal Your Location

More accurately, the study could be described by saying your dialect reveals your location. Researches found that the dialect is visible in your tweets. The words and slang you use are an indication of where you live.

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"They then analyzed the raw text in those messages with a model trained to pick out regional differences such as favored Twitter slang terms ("hella" in Northern California, "wasssup" in New York) as well as sport-team preferences (for example, the Celtics in Boston, the Knicks in New York, the Cavs in Cleveland).

The researchers found that Twitter postings also reflect well-known regionalisms from spoken speech, such as Southerners' "y'all" vs. Pittsburghers' "yinz," and the regional-based references to soda vs. pop vs. Coke.

The model, verified with the geotag information, could predict the location of a microblogger in the U.S. to within 300 miles.

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