Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Mysterious Spiraling Light' Just a Failed Russian Missile Launch

The mysterious spiraling light over Norway was just a failed Russian missile test. Specifically it was the submarine based "Bulava" (Mace) missile that has been plagued with failures in the past; perhaps none as spectacular as this one. After initial denials, the Russians now admit the launch, and exaggerated time frame make the launch much more plausible then it was previously.

Here is a simulation of what probobly happened.

Video embedded below.

"The missile failed in its 13th test on Wednesday morning, Russia's leading economic dailies Vedomosti and Kommersant reported on Thursday, quoting sources in the military-industrial complex.

Hours later, the Defense Ministry admitted the failure, saying the launch had been made by the Dmitry Donskoi nuclear submarine from a submerged position in the White Sea.

"It has been established ... that the missile's first two stages worked as normal, but there was a technical malfunction at the next, third, stage of the trajectory," a Defense Ministry spokesman said.

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