Thursday, December 3, 2009

House of Commons Suffered From a Toilet Paper Shortage

If only I could label this comedy; it is funny, but not a joke. Basically, England's House of Commons managed to get themselves into the same situation Cuba did.

"The House of Commons was yesterday suffering from an unusual shortage of white papers - toilet papers, that is.

MPs and peers were left desperate after officials in the Palace of Westminster were caught short by a lack of loo roll.

Staff responsible for replenishing the Commons toilets began to report mid-morning that those cubicles out of paper could not be restocked because of a supply shortage.

When word of the crisis spread around the Palace, frantic staff rushed to locate the remaining toilet paper.

MPs sent out their staff to buy up toilet paper from the Tesco Metro across the road from Parliament.

Just when it seemed that the reputation of honourable members could sink no lower, there were reports of pre-emptive raids on ladies loos, where the supply had yet to run out.

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