Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Contributors' Feature for Twitter

Twitter has unveiled a 'Not Ready For Prime Time' feature that they are developing. It will allow one user to tweet on behalf of another. This will allow large organizations or businesses to not have to share one massive account and allow the people they are communicating with to know more specifically who they are getting answers from. It strikes me as a sort of 'guest blogging' but Twitter style. It should be useful when it is ready even for regular users. People could then allow someone to 'guest tweet'.


"The feature we are beta testing is called 'Contributors' – it enables users to engage in more authentic conversations with businesses by allowing those organizations to manage multiple contributors to their account. The feature appends the contributor's username to the tweet byline, making the business to consumer communication more personal; e.g. if @Twitter invites @Biz to tweet on its behalf, then a tweet from @Twitter would include @Biz in the byline so that users know more about the real people behind organizations.

Its functionality will be fully supported by the API and will enhance the many Twitter business apps

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