Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stream Videos From Your Cell Phone

The following sites allow you to stream video to the internet directly from your cell phone without the need to load the video on your computer. Streaming video from your cell phone is very data intensive. Many of the sites recommend you have an unlimited data plan. That advice should be followed as those that use this service with a data plan that is not unlimited (or one with a lot of data) may find expensive overage charges on their next bill. Note that not all of the websites have service available for all cell phones.

Top Picks

No "Top Pick" but their is are rumors that You Tube will be launching this service by the end of this year. If they do so, they will be the top pick. That is assuming that you want to get your video out to the largest possible audience since they have the most members and viewers.

Massive List


Comet Now




Live Castr


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