Friday, August 8, 2008

Russia Invades Georgia

Russia and Georgia are at war. Russia sent their military into South Ossetia, a potential breakaway province in Georgia following a Georgian military strike capturing the province capital, Tskhinvali, in order to gain greater control in the region. Georgia responded and their is now an open war between the two countries.

This is a serious situation and is likely to go from bad to worse unless someone (read the United States, potentially/hopefully with support from the rest of the world) steps in. Efforts in that regard are already underway but have yet to make a serious impact.

This conflicts stems from a reawakening Russia who desire to once again be a major player on the world stage. Oil pipelines, or more specifically oil pipeline routes play a major part as well.

America has strong and growing ties with Georgia who applied for NATO membership. Israel is also reportedly playing a role having as Georgia commissioned privet security firms for training, bought weapons from Israel as well. Russia has made threats against Israel in an effort to stop them from helping Georgia, but Israel insists they are only helping out in matters of defense.

It is clear that this situation is a tinderbox which has now been lit. If something is not done, and soon, we could all be looking at some serious problems.

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