Wednesday, May 15, 2013

IRS Fast-Tracked Obama And Liberal Groups?

Certainly looks that way.

"With Obama’s IRS scandal mushrooming by the day, we’ve been learning that some applications for 501(c)(4) status have languished for years and while some targeted groups have simply given up since delays were so long. Yet curiously, some groups favorable to Obama or actually run by an Obama have been mysteriously sped up through the process.
Well, isn’t that nice. Guess it pays to have the name Obama attached to an application. Who cares if you’re breaking the law? Further, we need to ask the question nobody in the media seems to be asking: How is it Organizing for Action, formerly Obama’s Organizing for America, fly so quickly through the process when other have waited for years? Not only them, but this rather dubious Enroll America, an Obama-connected group working with groups to enforce ObamaCare, which ironically will have the weight of the IRS behind it.
So hundreds of conservative groups are targeted by the Obama IRS, yet somehow both Obama’s own group and his half-brother’s group sail through the process with nobody lifting a finger to investigate them. Heck, his brother even received preferential treatment and special tax breaks illegally. Plus, Obama’s HHS Secretary is now facing investigation for her shady tax-exempt group that has the full weight of the IRS behind it. It’s also noteworthy that at the same time conservative groups faced unusual scrutiny, hordes of liberal groups coasted through the process. Meanwhile, OFA is supposed to be an independent group that doesn’t have to disclose its donors. If they’re so independent, why does their website contain the name Obama in it? According to one report, the average time for the application process is 121 days, but the group targeted waited 547 days. Further, Obama’s group has an obvious political agenda and even fundraises off it. It also has connections to George Soros.

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