Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holder (D) - 'I can’t remember when I recused myself from the AP investigation, and I know I didn’t do it in writing'

He should have been gone a long time ago, but Holder really has to go now.

"Sounds legit.

Kelly O'Donnell @KellyO
AG Holder says he did not inform WH he recused himself in @AP case, did not do so in writing and cannot say when he did so.
2:31 PM - 15 May 2013

Twitter is blowing up over this right now. Stand by for updates.

Update: Gabe Malor asks an excellent question:

Gabriel Malor @gabrielmalor
If there's no written record of recusal, who told DAG Cole that he was running the AP investigation?
2:29 PM - 15 May 2013

Did Holder just sort of … “drift away” from this whole mess after his recusal? Remember, this was no ordinary investigation. Yesterday Holder himself called the leak in the AP case one of the most serious, if not the most serious, he’d ever seen. He must have recognized instantly that there was a chance that reporters’ phone records would be subpoenaed to get to the bottom of it, which would be politically explosive for the White House. And yet he never formally notified anyone that he was backing away, huh? At this point, Obama should fire him even if he’s telling the truth."

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