Thursday, November 1, 2012

White House Admits Obama Has Not Participated in The Benghazi Investigation

You know that whole, 'we will get to the bottom of this'; well, maybe later. Of course, there is not much to investiage. Obama already has the answers the American people deserve. What did he know and when, and what did he order. Simple questions.

"Today, the White House press secretary let it slip during a press gaggle aboard Air Force One that President Obama’s inaction on the Benghazi situation now extends to inaction on the supposed investigation taking place. The administration has still not made clear what exactly is being investigated, or the extent of the investigation. And President Obama doesn’t much care. Said Carney:

He has not participated in the investigation. He is anticipating results that show us exactly what happened and who is responsible and what lessons we can learn from it and ensure it never happens again. He expects the investigation to be rigorous.

Of course, no investigation is really necessary as far as the decisions made on the night of the murders of our ambassador, two former Navy SEALs, and a fourth American. The administration knows precisely what happened – who gave the stand-down order, and who refused to authorize military intervention. They just don’t want to release that.

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