Thursday, November 22, 2012

Susan Rice - 'All of This Benghazi Criticism of me is Unfounded'

Nice try, but still not buying it. Who is responsible for the misinformation, and why didn't commonsense lead you to question what should have been obviously poor/bad/false information?

"Ambassador Rice finally broke her silence on the subject on Wednesday, and defended her remarks by insisting that they were based on the best information she had at the time provided to her by the intelligence community. Via Reuters:

“I relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community,” said Rice…

“I made clear that the information provided to me was preliminary and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers,” Rice told reporters at the United Nations in her first comments on the controversy. …

“Everyone, particularly the intelligence community, has worked in good faith, to provide the best assessment based on the information available,” Rice said. “None of us will rest … until we have the answer and the terrorists responsible for this attack will be brought to the justice.” …

Rice said some statements about her by McCain were “unfounded.” “I look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him,” she said.
She relied “solely and squarely” on info from the intelligence community? That seems a bit odd, considering that the intelligence community suspected terrorism from the very beginning, which means that something doesn’t fit here — and the most obvious possibility for that missing link is that somebody high up in the food chain tweaked the talking points on a very inconvenient situation with only weeks to go before a close presidential election, although the White House has denied having done so.

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