Thursday, November 22, 2012

Woman Loses Job After 'Flipping The Bird' at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier

This just in; doing stupid things still have consequences.

I offer this bit of advice knowing, stupid people being what they are, are unlikely to listen.

1) Do not do stupid things.
2) If you insist on doing stupid things, do not document your stupidity.
3) If you insist on documenting your stupidity, do not share it on social media or in any other way distribute those images.
4) If you insist on sharing your stupidity, prepare for the consequences.

Picture embedded below.


Lindsey Stone was at Arlington National Cemetery last month, having some fun at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, so she decided to post the picture shown above. She seemed a bit surprised that anyone could take offense at her stunning display of disrespect…

And the Fire Lindsey Stone Facebook group is, well, on fire… The Save Lindsey Stone Facebook group, not so much.

Update 3: Lindsey and Jamie have apologized.

Update 4: Lindsey and Jamie both lost their jobs tonight.


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