Friday, November 2, 2012

NYC Marathon Canceled

After Bloomberg insisted it would go on, he has bowed to the public outcry. I am all for moving on with life, but you can not move on while people still do not have food/water/shelter and while they are still looking for the missing, hopefully some of which are still alive.

Regardless of what Bloomberg says, there is no way in which running this race would not impact the recovery. From getting runners into Staten Island (which is a disaster zone), to shutting down on of the bridges to get there, to all of the food and supplies, not to mention personnel, needed along the rout. Even just cleaning the rout (which includes going through the park) as apposed to clearing the road to help get the supplies to those in desperate need. I am not sure that it needed to be cancelled (it could have been pushed back a week), but it definitely should not take place this coming Sunday.

First Bloomberg insisting it would go on as scheduled.

Video embedded below.

Then the cancellation. Video embedded below. Video embedded below.

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