Saturday, November 3, 2012

Las Vegas Woman Arrested After Trying To Vote Twice

Here is a story that you probably will not hear to much about, because of who this women was likely voting for; she is a Republican. Republicans do not want to highlight that 'one of their own' was attempting to commit fraud. Democrats do not want to point out that a Republican was trying to commit fraud because that would mean that voter fraud is a problem and something must be done. Remember, the narrative is that Republicans suppress the vote while Democrats make sure the dead are not disenfranchised.

While it is true that this woman was caught, that does not mean that everyone will be. Voter fraud is a problem that strikes at the very legitimacy of our leaders.

"Early voting is already going on and for those states without it, expect a mad rush on Tuesday. But according to my friends who insist that efforts to reform voting laws are foolish “because voter fraud doesn’t happen,” there is absolutely no need to worry. Everything is under control. The American people wouldn’t stoop to such scurrilous tactics. Well, somebody needs to hop on a plane and fly out to Vegas and tell the cops that.

Las Vegas Woman Arrested After Trying To Vote Twice

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — FBI agents arrested a woman Friday in Las Vegas on charges that she tried to vote twice in the presidential election, Secretary of State Ross Miller said.

A criminal complaint accuses Roxanne Rubin of casting a ballot at an early voting location in Henderson on Oct. 29, then trying to vote again at a polling site in Las Vegas on the same day.

Miller said poll workers questioned Rubin when they found her name in a database that showed she had already cast a ballot, but she denied having voted and insisted she be allowed to vote.
If the allegations are proven, this woman wasn’t some confused senior citizen who sent in an absentee ballot early then forgot about it and went down to try to vote in person. Both of these events took place on the same day. It seems to be a clear cut attempt to violate election law.

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