Monday, November 12, 2012

Israel Strikes Back at Syria After Another Day With Syrian Shells Landing in Israel, While Rockets Land in Israel From Gaza For The Fourth Day

The restraint shown by Israel is impressive. Imagine how the US would react to Canada launching 100+ missiles into the US over the course of three days. Still, Israel is stuck in a tough place. It is hard, if not impossible, to just sit there and take it on the chin (and not really wise either), but an sufficiently deterring action could cause a regional war for which they would be blames as roundly as it would be false.

"Israel fired at and struck two Syrian mortar launchers on Monday, following the second time in as many days that Syrian artillery shells exploded in Israeli territory.

A tank from the 401 Armored Brigade fired at the Syrian targets in what was an escalated Israeli retaliation to Syrian fire. Unlike Sunday’s exchange, the IDF fired with the intention of hitting its target, as part of a new policy designed to deter Syrian forces from firing into Israel.

There were conflicting reports on whether Syrian soldiers were injured in the aftermath. IDF sources said there were no known injuries, though a Channel 2 report claimed that a number of soldiers in Syria were hurt, and broadcast video of a Syrian ambulance sent to evacuate the soldiers.

The IDF does not believe that Monday’s shell was deliberate, but intensified its response nonetheless in order to send the message to Damascus that the errant shells must stop.

"Sporadic missile fire from the Gaza Strip hit southern Israel Monday for a fourth straight day, with Egypt trying to secure a truce and Israel warning it would toughen its response if the violence continued.

The Israeli military said Palestinian militants had fired 11 rockets through the morning, ending an overnight lull and adding to more than 110 launched in the preceding 72 hours.

One of the missiles hit a house in the southern Israeli town of Netivot, causing damage but no injuries.

Six Palestinians have been killed by Israeli shells fired on Gaza, including four civilians, and 40 wounded. Eight Israelis have also been wounded in the cross-border attacks.

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