Tuesday, November 13, 2012

General John Allen (Af-Pak Theater Commander) Caught in a Sex Scandal?

How many people in our top leadership are we going to lose when the dust finally settles on this scandal?


"The FBI probe into the affair involving a former commander of the Afghanistan-Pakistan theater of war has apparently led to the exposure of his successor. Reports overnight from several news sources say that investigators discovered tens of thousands of communications between General John Allen, commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, and Jill Kelley, whose friendship with General David Petraeus allegedly triggered a bout of e-mail harassment from Petraeus’ mistress Paula Broadwell:

The FBI probe into the sex scandal that prompted CIA Director David Petraeus to resign has expanded to ensnare Gen. John R. Allen, the commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, the Pentagon announced early Tuesday.

According to a senior U.S. defense official, the FBI has uncovered between 20,000 and 30,000 documents — most of them e-mails — of “potentially inappropriate” communications between Allen and Jill Kelley, a 37-year-old Tampa woman whose close relationship with Petraeus ultimately led to his downfall.

Allen, a Marine, succeeded Petraeus as the top allied commander in Afghanistan in July 2011. He also served as Petraeus’s deputy when both generals led the military’s Tampa-based Central Command from 2008 until 2010.

The FBI first notified the Pentagon of its investigation into Allen’s communications with Kelley on Sunday evening, according to the senior defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss details of the pending case.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta issued a statement last night that said Allen would remain in place for now, but he was on his way out anyway. The Senate Armed Services Committee was scheduled to take up the confirmation hearing of his successor, Marine General Joseph F. Dunford, on Thursday. According to the Washington Post, Panetta asked Senate leadership yesterday to expedite Dunford’s confirmation, and that could happen within days. At the same time, Panetta put a hold on Allen’s promotion to commander of all NATO forces in Europe while the investigation continues.

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