Sunday, November 11, 2012

Feinstein (D) - 'The FBI Should Have Told us About The Petraeus Probe'

Video embedded below.

"You think? As chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Diane Feinstein and her committee have to be informed of any event of significance involving intelligence from all federal agencies, as Chris Wallace points out during the interview. Feinstein specifically replies that the FBI failed to tell them that they had the Director of the CIA as a target of an investigation for potential national-security breaches. That’s precisely the kind of circumstances under which the chair and vice-chair of the two Congressional intel committees need to be briefed — and Feinstein says that in similar circumstances in the past, they were
However, when asked directly by Wallace whether the Obama administration had enough warning before the attack on September 11th to prompt them to beef up security in Banghazi, Feinstein goes further and notes that these weren’t just warnings — they were actual attacks on Western targets in the city, as well as on our own. “That, to me,” Feinstein says, “is sufficient intelligence on which to make a decision.”

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