Friday, June 1, 2012

Elizabeth Warren (D) - "I Was The First Nursing Mother to Take a Bar Exam in The State of New Jersey"

Her documentation on being Native American was so stellar, that I can not wait for her to explain how she came up with this gem.

Video embedded below.

"There is something frighteningly Obama-like in Elizabeth Warren’s self-descriptions. Warren paints a personal narrative of rising from poverty and being the descendant of the brutalized Cherokee tribe, when in reality neither was true (and irony of ironies, she’s the descendant of someone who likely brutalized the Cherokee).

Her academic work carried forward the victim narrative, as she misleadingly portrayed medical expenses as the primary cause of personal bankruptcy, and used innovative number crunching to portray a “two income trap” which, using a fair analysis of the numbers, actually pointed to marginal tax rates not the evil banks and credit card companies as the primary culprit.

Yet The Boston Herald has stumbled upon what may be Warren’s biggest whopper of all, the claim that she was the first woman in the history of New Jersey to sit for the Bar exam while a nursing mother.

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