Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reid (D) - 'Maybe we Can Use That Disputed Pacquiao Fight to Get a Federal Boxing Bill Passed'

Big government for big governments sake, a bad idea all the way around.

Video embedded below.

"Via Mediaite, it’s big news when the U.S. Senate majority leader says he thinks a major fight was fixed and that Congress should spring into action to solve the problem. Or at least, it would be: As you’ll see, he’s actually not saying that he thinks it was fixed. On the contrary, he thinks the outcome was the result of poor judging, not fraud. In which case … why the hell is he using this as an excuse to promote some sort of new federal boxing statute? It’s Rahm Emanuel’s infamous line about not letting a crisis go to waste, but without any actual crisis. Essentially he’s arguing that the perception of a crisis is enough of a pretext to justify a federal power grab. How’s that to make you feel warm and fuzzy about big government this evening?"

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