Saturday, June 30, 2012

DOJ Announces They Will Not Prosecute Holder Regarding Contempt Vote

Not really a surprise, but nice of them to make it official. This is the reason for the Civil contempt vote.

"We already pretty much knew this was going to happen — Eric Holder is the chief of the Justice Department, for goodness’ sake, it definitely would’ve qualified as a conflict of interest. But, the DOJ went ahead and made it official today, saying that they will not move to prosecute Holder after the House of Reps voted to hold him in criminal contempt of Congress on Thursday:
Good thing the House also voted yesterday to hold the attorney general in civil contempt, which allows them to hire their own counsel and take the case to civil court to seek an order that would require the Obama administration to release the long sought-after documents. If the civil court invalidates Obama’s executive privilege order, criminal proceedings could still be on the table. And if the Obama administration still refused to comply, that’s when impeachment would become a possibility — although I’m convinced that the Oversight Committee would really just rather that they hand over the darn documents already before things get that far. Once again — what are those Justice officials working so hard to hide?

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