Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ObamaCare Ruling Prediction

With the ObamaCare ruling being handed down tomorrow morning it is time for some last minute predictions.

First prediction ('ripeness') - they are not going to punt on the issue and say they have to wait until people start getting penalized.

Second Prediction (Mandate) - the mandate will be rule unconstitutional by a vote of 6-3. If that is wrong, I would be more surprised if the ruling was 5-4 unconstitutional then 7-2 unconstitutional.

Third Prediction (Severability) - the court will rule 5-4 that there is no severability and strike down the ObamaCare in its entirety. I am not as confident the court will toss the entire law as the mandate being struck down. While I predict a 5-4 toss, if that is off I think it more likely a 5-4 keep then a 6-3 toss.

We will see what happens soon enough.

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