Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kim Jong-il's Funeral Procession

Video embedded below.

"Don’t miss the Atlantic’s photo spread of tears flowing freely for the “great man from the sky.” Number 12, especially, is heartbreaking as it shows how effective the indoctrination is even at a very tender age. One thing I wonder about Orwellian spectacles like this: Who’s the intended audience? The people crying might believe that the outside world is impressed by their tears, but does the leadership, which has a better sense of international opinion, understand how creepy and contemptible this looks to its enemies? It’s the most pitiful, cultish case of Stockholm syndrome on this scale that we’ll ever see (I hope). Or is the spectacle not aimed at foreign audiences at all but exclusively at the inmates of the North Korean gulag? These lines from Michael Totten stick with me: “Especially in full-bore Stalinist systems like North Korea’s, would-be dissidents feel like they’re completely alone, that no one else has any idea the emperor is naked. That’s why these regimes will mobilize massive state resources just to locate and punish a single graffiti artist. It’s critically important that everyone who hates the government feels like they’re the only people who do so.” If you’re a dissent-minded North Korean watching this clip, that’s precisely how you’d feel.

Exit question: Why is the UN lowering its flags to half-mast for this monster?

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