Monday, December 26, 2011

Butt Imprint Seats

Soon your car will know how fat you are...

"Normally a fan of anything that would keep my car from getting jacked, this new technology gives me pause. Japanese engineers have designed a high-tech car seat using a series of 360 pressure sensors to make an imprint of your butt and — much like a fingerprint scanner — it uses this data to distinguish an owner from a thief.

Finding out that my butt has a unique "signature" gives me a whole new set of neuroses but I'll forge on.

Developed by the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, the unique seat uses the sensors in the seat to collect data, and sends it to an external computer where software creates a roadmap of your butt. If a person other than the owner sits on the seat and the computer doesn't recognize their butt signature the car won't start.

There are a few situations I can imagine throwing this technology for a loop. What if the owner loses or gains weight (of particular interest to me)? What if they wear different clothes? What about valet parking???

The product testing proved promising with a 98 percent rate of success so perhaps they've built in some flexibility or adaptive recognition.

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