Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene Damage to my House

The Berman Post has been dark for the last few days, save a few scheduled evergreen posts, because of Hurricane Irene. I was up late Saturday (technically early Sunday morning) watching the storm come closer. I checked the forecasts and thought I could catch a few hours of shut eye before the leading edge hit. I was not asleep for more than an hour or two before I woke up to the 'crack-bang' of the power being cut to part of the neighborhood. I still had power in the room I was staying in, but apparently we lost power to half the house. My parents room had lost power, and went to go check the fuse box only to discover there was water pouring into the house downstairs. My mother came rushing down the hall to get me and my brother to help my father. Thus began a 4+ hour fight against mother nature to mitigate the damage as much as possible. In the first 15 minutes of that fight there was another 'crack-boom' of the rest of the power being cut; power we did not get back until last night (hence the lack of posting). Bundles of towels, two wet-vacs, and a sub pump later and the water was mostly gone. Getting the generator up and running was critical. We lost a few rugs, and may have to replace a carpet, but beyond that the damage was minimal. It is a funny thing in this day and age to really appreciate the dawn, but not needing to carry flashlights around makes fighting the water so much easier.

We got off easy compared to some of my other family members who measured water damage in feet instead of inches. Anyways, now that the power is back posting should get back to normal.

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