Saturday, September 10, 2011

Romney’s (R) Jobs Plan

Speeches Sound nice, but the action of putting ideas to paper makes them much more serious. Especially compared to lofty speeches that are light on detail or substance.

"At Ace’s site, DrewM is goofing on him for rolling out a 59-point plan that runs literally 160 pages long on the theory that no one but no one among the electorate will actually read the thing. True enough, but I don’t think Team Mitt expects any voters to read it. They expect voters to note the sheer size and detail of it and conclude, “This guy really does have a plan. He’s actually thinking about this.” Whether it’s a good plan or not, ironically, is a secondary question, but it’s been made that way by the utter failure of Obamanomics. Byron York notes that today’s WaPo poll finds fully 81 percent of the public claiming either that Obama’s economic program is having no effect on the economy or that it’s making things actively worse. Almost the entire country has given up on him on this seminal issue, in other words, which means all Romney has to do is show that he’s serious about finding a solution and he has an advantage. Fifty-nine points says, “I’m serious.”"

Video embedded below.

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