Sunday, September 11, 2011

Israeli 9/11 Memorial

While in Israeli, I had the privilege to go visit their 9/11 memorial. The massive size of it was touching in its own right. Israel was not struck on that terrible morning, the United States was. Yet here I was, well over 5,000 miles from my home state (NY) standing inside a memorial dedicated not a tragedy that took place within their own country, but one that impacted their close ally and friend.

If the measure of a true friend is how sincerely they mourn for your loss, Israel once again showed how close of an ally they are to the United States.

Pictures embedded below.

Head to for the rest.

This clip was taken standing in front of the large flag statute.

Video embedded below.


  1. That was mighty decent of them!

  2. Thank you for posting the photos.

    Israel's humanity serves as a perfect contrast to the absence of any memorials or humanity in any arab country.

  3. @Anonymous - Not just a lack of memorials, but the despicable cheering on the streets that we had been attacked by some Palestinians.

  4. It says "disaster" on the plaque like it was a tornado that hit it & not an attack. Unless Israel knows something it's not saying, the wording needs to be changed.

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