Sunday, June 12, 2011

Muslim Arabs Throw Rocks at Jews Praying at The Western Wall

I wonder what they will say the Jewish worshipers did to provoke rocks raining down on their heads from above. The true answer is of course nothing.

This type of activity has spiraled into much larger unrest and more serious attacks in the past.

Video embedded below.

"Muslims threw rocks at Jewish worshipers praying at the Kotel after Friday’s Muslim prayers. No one was reported hurt.

The incident was captured on the Western Wall Keritage Fund’s Kotel cam, which transmits live video of the Kotel Plaza over the Internet. Worshipers at the Men's Section are seen scattering and returning to the Wall a short time later.

The violence occurred after security forces decided to allow Muslims under the age of 50 to participate in the Friday prayers. Usually, men younger than 45 or 50 are barred from praying on the Mount if there is an intelligence assessment that riots are being planned.

Police stormed into the Mount, used means of riot dispersal against the Muslim attackers and arrested three of them.

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