Saturday, December 11, 2010

Asylum Seekers to Czech Republic Based on Claim of Being Gay Must Pass a Peter-Meter Test

Something even more indigent then the Naked Body Scanners or the 'Enhanced Pat Downs'. If you are not clear on exactly what a Peter-Meter test, lets just say they attach a device to your junk so your 'reactions' can be monitored while you are subjected to sexually explicit imagery. (via)

"If you think a TSA grope is bad, gay men seeking asylum in the Czech Republic are forced to drop their pants and get hooked up to a penile plethysmograph to find out just how gay they are. After the "peter meter" device is attached to their penises, they are subjected to all kinds of pornography to see what happens to their junk. This test then determines if they can seek asylum.

The European Union's main human rights agency, the Fundamental Rights Agency, denounced the procedure. BBC reports, "The case first came to light after a German court refused to deport an Iranian asylum seeker to the Czech Republic, saying as a homosexual he would be subjected to the test." Apparently, your religious views about viewing pornography are ignored. And it's OK, sez Czech officials, because they only do it to asylum seekers who identify as gay.

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