Friday, December 31, 2010

Individual Short-Term Food Storage is Vital

The recent blizzard has shown once again the importance of having at least a basic short-term food store. Intentional slowdown or otherwise, people found themselves trapped in their home or apartment unable to go out for sustenance. Even if not technically trapped, many were in a position where they did not want to be forced out to face the elements or on to the dangerous roads.

The importance of having enough to eat and drink for a few days is matched by the ease of preparation. On your next trip to the supermarket, buy a few bags of beef-jerky, a jar of honey, and a mini-keg of beer and/or a few gallons of water. When you get home, put them away together in a cool dark place. That's it; your done. No need to think about if for at least a year. You can make it more complicated if you want. Add whatever canned food you would like as long as you store a mechanical (not electric) can opener with it. You can also buy special made survival packs, or even just a box of granola bars or pop tarts. Beck (Fox News) wants you to have enough food stored to last a year; which is not a bad idea if you have the space and resources. I would be satisfied if you had enough for three days, and happy if you had enough for a week.

Keep in mind these few basic requirements; the food should be ready to eat (no need to microwave or cook), it must have a long shelf life (do not want to open up the cabinet with your emergency food to find it expired or spoiled), and it must be sufficiently nutritious to sustain you over those few days.

You should make it one of your New Years resolutions to be prepared. Part of being prepared for any emergency is making sure have food/water to eat/drink and are not forced to take unnecessary risks to acquire them.


  1. www "dot" dhs "dot" gov/xcitizenseditorial_0711.shtm

    for a checklist of other steps one may take to be ready for various emergencies. One may argue about some of the later items, but the earlier ones are helpful, at least.

  2. Good advice. I can't imagine anyone not having enough food for at least a week in their home. Of course, I live out in the country, and try to make a few trips into town as possible.
    I would add to your list an outdoor grill or a camp stove of some sort so you can cook any meat that might be thawing out if you are without power. Even city people with balconies should be able to get outside to grill some meat.

  3. >Sitting here, eating the ribeye I just grilled on my balcony<

  4. It is a REALLY good idea to have a little extra food and water on hand. Try 'ready meals' or 'just boil water' meals at:
    They taste great! and in an emergency situation beans and rice might not cut it. So, try it and see if you like it too.

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