Saturday, December 18, 2010

Obamas Not Invited to Prince William's Wedding

I does not matter how they try to justify the lack of an invitation; it is most definitely an intentional snub at Obama. Given the way Obama treated England thus far in his presidency; while it seems a surprising move, maybe it should not.

"President Obama and his wife Michelle will not be invited to Prince William's wedding next year.

Because Prince William is not yet heir to the throne, his wedding to Kate Middleton is not classed as a ‘state occasion’ – and the couple feel under no pressure to fill the 2,000-strong guest list with heads of state, the Mail understands.

They are more eager to ask ordinary citizens and charity workers than foreign dignitaries and VIPs to what will be the first royal ‘people’s wedding’, courtiers suggested.

A handful of heads of state are likely to be invited in line with previous royal weddings, possibly including France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni.

But the decision to exclude the American premier and his wife Michelle from the celebrations marks a break from tradition.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana invited then-American president Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy to their 1981 ceremony – though she came alone because the president was too ill to travel following an assassination attempt on him.


  1. I don't blame Prince William for excluding the Obamas. Considering the actions of Obama since he's been in office, the tacky gifts, snubbing England himself and the classless act of he and his wife.............go figure.

  2. Gee, who wouldn't want the odumba's to trash their wedding? Michelle would attempt to steal Kate's thunder on her big day,( remember she's married to the messiah and all and stated that she's more popular then Diana ever was ) plus i can only imagine the horrid gifts they would give them like they've given to the queen, her husband. And lets not even get into they are probably scared to death as to how she would dress and man handle the queen again.They are tactless, clueless, ignorant, arrogant.


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