Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CBS News Airs Fake, Typo-Ridden Cover of Bush’s 'Decision Points' Memoir

You do not have to be as 'eagle eyed' as CBS seems to think. The book looks much different then it is supposed to. While it is true if you blinked you could have missed it, if you had any idea what the book was supposed to look like you would have noticed it was not right; then may have gone back to see what it actually said.

Video embedded below.

"CBS aired a grammatically incorrect book cover
that read, “Desision Points: How I managed to go on eight years without making one good decision.”

A CBS spokesperson told Newsday that the false cover was aired by accident, and was the result of the network pulling a bad photo from the internet.

“Good catch: It’s a mistake no one could see because you’d have to freeze the frame to notice it. Another cautionary tale about the risks of the internet age – clearly, we have to be more careful when downloading material,” the CBS spokesperson said.

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