Tuesday, June 1, 2010

IAEA - 'Syria Conducted Nuclear Experiments'

The IAEA is saying what has has long been suspected, that Syria conducted nuclear experiments. Syria is admitting to it somewhat but saying that the tests were minor and have not taken place since 2004. The IAEA also seems to hint, without trying to be to overt, that the Israelis were correct that the site they bombed at the end of 2007 may have been building a nuclear facility.


"Syria has told the UN atomic watchdog about past nuclear experiments, but is still refusing to cooperate over allegations that it was building a secret nuclear reactor with North Korea's help, a new report revealed Monday.

In a restricted four-page report obtained by AFP, the International Atomic Energy Agency said that Syria "provided the Agency with information concerning previously unreported uranium conversion and irradiation activities" at a small research reactor in Damascus.

Syria insists the scale of the experiment was small, "involving tens of grammes of nuclear material" and took place in 2004.
At the same time, the IAEA complained that Syria had not cooperated with its investigation into allegations that Damascus had been building an undeclared reactor at a remote desert site called Dair Alzour until it was bombed by Israeli planes in September 2007.

The IAEA has been investigating the allegations since 2008 and has already said that the building bore some of the characteristics of a nuclear facility.

UN inspectors also detected "significant" traces of man-made uranium at that site, as yet unexplained by Damascus.

It has also requested access to three other locations allegedly functionally related to Dair Alzour, but so far to no avail.

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