Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Arrogant CO Democrat Scolds Rape Survivor at Gun Ban Hearing - "Statistics Weren’t On Your Side"

Video embedded below.

"Democrats like Hudak would prefer that you be a victim, even of rape, than you have the ability and means to defend yourself.

Hudak is the third Colorado Democrat to make insane remarks regarding firearms and rape in the past few weeks. In February, state Sen. Paul Rosenthal argued that women should use the “buddy system” or judo to defend themselves from rape. Judo is a fine idea, but Amanda Collins’ experience suggests that martial arts may not be enough. A day before that, state Rep. Joe Salazar argued that women should rely on whistles and call boxes if they’re under attack from a rapist. Salazar further suggested that women should not be trusted with a firearm, because they might shoot even if they are not under attack.

Three Democrats have now loosed misogynistic remarks about rape. Two men, one woman, but all Democrats. Who’s waging a war on women and their right to defend themselves?

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