Monday, December 3, 2012

Chemical Weapons on The Move in Syria

I doubt (hope) that Assad would no be foolish enough to use chemical weapons as a last gasp to hold on to power. Few other actions would cause external intervention (read US and others taking military action) to force Assad out. What I fear may be more likely is that they are being handed off to different terrorist organizations or for some favor from one of their neighbors.

"There have been reports of suspicious activity at chemical weapons sites, but who knows what it real and not real.

One thing is for sure, chemical weapons cannot save Assad. The second he uses chemical weapons all bets are off with the Israelis, Turks, NATO, and the U.S.

Via NY Times, Obama Administration Warns Syria Against Using Chemical Weapons:

The Obama administration said Monday that it is worried that Syria’s embattled government may be preparing to use chemical weapons against the opposition and warned that doing so “would cross a red line for the United States” and prompt American action.

The White House said that some recent actions by the government of President Bashar al-Assadwere indicators that such weapons could be deployed soon, following earlier reports that intelligence agencies had noticed signs of activity at chemical weapons sites.

Syria announced again today that it never would use chemical weapons internally:

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said Damascus “would not use chemical weapons, if it had them, against its own people under any circumstances.”

The statement was reported on Syrian state television and Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

Which leaves open the possibility of using them against the Israelis, or transferring the weapons to Hezbollah or other proxies, which likely would result in an Israeli response.

Meanwhile, the U.N. is pulling out of Syria, citing instability.

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