Monday, December 31, 2012

Demand A Plan - Demand Celebrities Go F*CK Themselves!

Video embedded below.

"So as I thought about it more I started thinking this video was in fact fair, and not a mistake. If these celebrities want to install Precrime laws criminalizing otherwise-lawful activities on the notion that We Must Do Everything Possible to stop all contributing factors to killings... They should take a look at themselves.

They certainly have done an awful lot of PR work for the Gun as Totem Bestowing Power on the Impotent. They've depicted the gun -- unrealistically, fantastically -- as a Magic Wand that grants its owner the heroic ability to Win and Impose His Will on Any Situation.

And that belief is just as necessary to the mass killing of six year old children as the gun itself. Normal people do not murder 20 children.

It wasn't only the gun that was needed for this killing; it was also the psychological state of believing in The Gun as an agent of Power and Deliverance.

And that came from Hollywood.

Now I wouldn't indulge in either of these awful and stupid precrime measures. I would not repeal the First Amendment just as I wouldn't repeal the Second.

But if Hollywood's calling for one precrime prohibition, it is duty-bound to call for the other as well.

After all -- the children. The children that they were responsible for killing.

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