Sunday, February 12, 2012

US Working Around UN to Organize 'Friends of Syria' Meeting

China and Russia vetoed our efforts through the UN; another great example of the 'smart power' this administration has show. Now, noted Nobel Peace Prize winner and opponent of unilateral action could be gearing up for another go it alone 'kinetic military action' against a Muslim-Arab nation. You would think a Republican was in office or something. That and liberals do not care about military action as long as a Democrat is at the helm.

"The Obama administration is working to help organize a so-called "friends of Syria" meeting as part of what the State Department says is a push to work "outside the U.N. system," after the Security Council shot down a resolution against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Russia and China vetoed the anti-Assad measure despite a new wave of violence in Syria, including a massacre in the city of Homs in which hundreds reportedly were killed. The disappointing weekend session has left the United States and other countries mulling their options to prevent the bloodshed from spreading further.

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