Sunday, February 5, 2012

Daniels (R) Signs Right-to-Work Bill in Indiana

This seems one of those 'no-brainers' in our free market system. If you do not want to join a union, you should not be forced to join a Union and have dues automatically deducted from your salary. This does not prevent you from joining a Union if you want to, just gives you a right to say no. If the Unions really add value for workers, instead of just funneling money to Democrats, they should have no problem convincing workers to join.

"Governor Mitch Daniels made Indiana the nation’s 23rd right-to-work state by signing a bill exempting nonunion employees from paying dues when working alongside their unionized colleagues.

Daniels enacted the measure today about four hours after the state Senate gave it final passage on a 28-22 vote, ending a contentious debate over a law that Republicans view as a cost- cutting, job-creating tool, while Democrats call it a wage- lowering union buster.

“This law won’t be a magic answer but we’ll be far better off with it,” Daniels said today in a statement from Indianapolis. “No one’s wages will go down, no one’s benefits will be reduced, and the right to organize and bargain collectively is untouched an intact.”

Twenty-two states, mostly in the Deep South and the Rocky Mountain West, had already enacted right-to-work laws. Most recently, Oklahoma passed its law in 2001. Republican gains in the 2010 elections prompted legislation in states including Wisconsin and Ohio aimed at restricting bargaining rights for government workers’ unions.

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