Sunday, February 26, 2012

Afghanistan Nato Officers Shot Dead in Kabul Ministry

Proof that some culture are superior then others. One culture riots at the news that one of their holy books, which had been desecrated by terrorists and turned into a tool to try and kill as many people as possible, was burned. As part of that riot, they find people that had in no way any part of that action and kill them. The other culture would not do that. Which one do you think is superior?

"Two Nato officers have been killed in the interior ministry in the Afghan capital Kabul, coalition officials say.

Nato said an "individual" had turned his gun on the officers but denied earlier reports he was a Westerner.

Afghan security officials said those killed were an American colonel and major. Local media reports suggest the incident followed a "verbal clash".

Nato commander Gen John Allen said all Nato personnel were being recalled from Afghan ministries on security grounds.

A UK embassy spokesperson had earlier said all British civilians were being withdrawn from the ministries in what was hoped would be a temporary measure.

The shootings come amid five days of deadly protests over the burning of copies of the Koran by US soldiers.

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