Monday, November 28, 2011

Tea Party Alleges Double Standard by Occupy-Friendly Mayor in Virginia

An audit right after the complaint; interesting timing...

"A Tea Party chapter in Virginia is alleging that it was audited by the City of Richmond after it complained that the local Occupy movement was receiving special treatment by the mayor.

The Richmond Tea Party said the city charged it $10,000 to hold three rallies in Kanawha Plaza -- where Occupiers have been allowed to reside at no charge.

Now the Tea Partiers are crying foul and demanding their money back. But shortly after complaining to the city, the Tea Party group said it received notice of the tax audit.

“As the Occupy mob sprang up, the City of Richmond allowed them the use of the park at no charge. Mayor Dwight Jones of Richmond is a liberal Democrat, who even visited the Occupy Mob, encouraging them,” the group said in a statement released Monday. “In one of the most outrageous political double standards, the city of Richmond, Va., is now demanding an audit of the Richmond Tea Party."

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