Sunday, June 12, 2011

IMF Hit by Serious Cyber-Attack

Officials are being tight-lipped over specifics, though they may not really have a clear picture themselves, but reading between the lines you get the impressions the attack was more successful than not.

"The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says it has been targeted by a sophisticated cyber attack.

Officials at the fund gave few details but said the attack earlier this year had been "a very major breach" of its systems, the New York Times reports.

Cyber security officials said the hack was designed to install software to create a "digital insider presence".

The IMF, which holds sensitive economic data about many countries, said its operations were fully functional.

The cyber attack took place over several months, and happened before former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested over sexual assault charges.


  1. If the Chinese are found guilty, even If you can't put all China on Ricker's Island, you still can impose upon them a half trillion dollars penalty, collectable by an equal amount of debt cancellation! If they are caught again trying "to move the world markets illegally, another half trillion penalty must be imposed! That will teach China a lesson not to fool around with the global community!

  2. To all whom are sick and tired of this money control of behavior and actions of others just because they have the power of the money to do so, well the buck stops here. To all who have trying to control other people’s behavior to conform to their beliefs which are highly repressive to all others, your day of reckoning is here. No longer will the masses of free speech and action be subject to your wims. No longer will be slaves to your opposite views, no longer will your control of the laws to suppress freedom of speech and behavior is valid or have weight to rule others. Your end is here and you will be exposed for all to see via the internet. Your time is over and the abolition of monies control is at hand. Good day and Goodbye forever.

  3. I bet the FBI is pissed, they hate it when someone who doesn't work for them does their job, you know like exposing criminals in the IMF and such. Too bad their ego's are so bruised that they will no doubt go after the people who expose the truth about the criminal activities in the IMF instead of the real criminals who work for the IMF.


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