Friday, December 17, 2010

Walden (R) Announces Chairmanship Using Morse Code Tweet

Not the most strait forward way to make an announcement, but one of the more novel/interesting.

"Rep. Greg Walden (R-WA) issued the following tweet yesterday:

That sent the newspaper The Hill scrambling for answers. Using an online Morse code translator, the newspaper came up with the following announcement: “”WILL CHAIR COMM AND TECH SUB 73S W7EQI.”

The first part is self explanatory, but the last part (the number and letter combination) forced some more digging. The Hill explains what it found:

The Hill needed help on the last part, and a Walden aide came to the rescue:

“73s means ‘best regards’ or a similar sign-off. W7eqi is his [amateur radio call sign],” he said. Walden has a long history in the radio business where he picked up the lingo.

Walden issued a follow-up tweet to clarify his announcement:


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