Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Biden Goofs on Kirk's (R) Swearing in

Ultimately it will have no impact and it will not be redone.,0,1804944.story

"Joe Biden, the gaffe-prone vice president, strayed from tradition Monday at the swearing-in of Republican Mark Kirk, the new senator from Illinois.

Biden, who is president of the Senate, began by instructing Kirk: "Please place your right hand on the Bible."

Kirk, a Republican, did as instructed, putting his right hand on the Good Book and raising his left.
Elizabeth Alexander, Biden's spokeswoman, said Tuesday there's no do-over in the works. "We've checked with the Senate parliamentarian, and he's told us that whether Senator Kirk held up his left or right hand is of no consequence and has no bearing on his status as a sitting senator," she said.

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