Sunday, June 6, 2010

US High Students Disciplined For Playing 'Beat The Jew' Game

High school students playing a 'game' where the object is to 'beat the Jew'; not one person involved stop to say maybe this was not a good idea?

"Several high school students in La Quinta have been disciplined for their involvement in a late-night game of tag called "Beat the Jew " on school grounds last month.

The game, which gathered participants via Facebook, is a complicated contest of tag, in which "Jews" are taken, blind-folded, by car to a place off campus and have to make their way back to base, while pursued by "Nazis", said Sherri Johnstone, assistant superintendent for personnel at the Desert Sands Unified School District.

Organizers had put up a Facebook page announcing the game that was "friended" by some 40 students, of which seven participated, Johnstone said.
The game appears to have originally been called "Fugitive," then morphed at some point into "Beat the Jew," Johnstone said.

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